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Ménestrel for you

In the long bygone times of the Middle Ages they roamed the country, from castle to castle, court to court: the troubadours and minstrels. Lyric poets and singers, they entertained princes, dukes, knights and simple “villains” with their “cansos”: ballads, romances, pastourelles and crusade songs. In keeping with this medieval tradition MÉNESTREL also seeks to captivate and entertain its public.

MÉNESTREL  stands for 35 years of musical friendship. It’s the passion for singing and the guitar that brought together Ale Dijkstra and Mathieu Hermans.  Whether on stage, in the intimate atmosphere of small theaters, or outside in the open air, in full swing – they embark you on a southbound musical journey, bringing to life sparkling pearls of the French “chanson”, the all-time “classics” of Georges Brassens, Jacquel Brel, Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Charles Aznavour, Georges Moustaki, Maxime Le Forestier, Jean Ferrat, Julos Beaucarne and so on.

MÉNESTREL brings a French touch, whether in a close circle or for a broader audience, inside or outside, at festivals, schools and art galeries, at receptions, openings or commemorations, “French evenings” in pubs or restaurants, or at markets, fairs and other events.

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